A Reputation Built on Extraordinary Service

Since our inception in 1995, we have built an outstanding reputation for going above and beyond to provide clients with superior, ultra-personalized service. We pride ourselves on the nurtured personal relationships we develop with our clients—relationships built on daily personal communication, responsiveness, and meticulous attention to details. Our clients can pick up the phone and speak to the person in charge of their study whenever it’s needed.

Exceeding Industry Recruiting Standards

We still believe the best way to find and vet the most qualified respondents is to call them. Telephone recruiting has become a rarity in this industry, but our twenty plus years of experience has shown this method to produce superior results. We take the extra time to do what works.

Owner Operated

Privately owned and managed by the company founder, Elliott Benson offers an advantage over other firms. We provide consistent, high quality, nationwide service with all the resources of a national corporation, while still providing the personalized experience of a private, local firm. In short, the owner is onsite daily to ensure excellence. Let our staff become your business’s market research department.

Guaranteed Results

Our custom-built, state-of-the-art, focus group facility has received coveted awards from the most reputable industry sources. Located in the heart of Downtown Sacramento, the bustling capital of the most populated state in the country, we are able to obtain comparable results to more popular primary markets at a lower cost. When your company decides our flagship Sacramento facility is the right locale, we guarantee satisfaction. If you are not pleased with your results, we will redo a project or waive our fees as requested.

Uniquely Flexible

In a simple sense, we collect data. What makes us unique is that we do not limit what “data collection” entails. We never put constraints on what we will do, or where we will go, in order to facilitate a study. The freedom to combine methodologies and markets across the country provides our clients with a creative, out-of-the-box approach to field management that cannot be found elsewhere. Our nationwide service sets us apart from other firms that only offer a limited range of research approaches.